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Our story


Children with Voices was founded by Michelle Dornelly. As a mother of four and former community champion, development officer, nutritional adviser, and active citizen award recipient living in Hackney, she has witnessed the ups and downs of her childrens’ lives and the devastating effects that gang crime, police harassment and childhood obesity can have on a family. Her experiences often resonate with many families living in Hackney.


After standing by for too long, Michelle‘s recognition of prominent issues affecting children and connection with the community inspired her to bring people together to try and solve some of these problems, starting with our young people.


And thus, the non-profit organisation, Children with Voices was created; a reflection of her children and those of the community. Since it’s inception in 2010, Children with Voices has come a long way, with a team of volunteers, sessions and projects, most popular being Jumping Beans!

Michelle Dornelly won a prize called Wellbeing Champion in the Hackney Awards in 2017! Here is the link of Michelle speaking about winning the prize:


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